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Tetanus & poliomyelitis are serious and sometimes fatal illnesses that can be prevented by immunisation. If you have had a full course of immunisation against these illnesses up to school leaving age you should be fully protected. If you are not protected please make an appointment with the practice nurse. Oral polio vaccination is especially important for parents of pre-school age infants attending for their immunisations. This can be done at the same clinic without an appointment.

Parents, please ensure your children receive the full immunisation programme. Details can be obtained from our practice nurse or health visitors. If you have any doubts about completion, please ask for advice.

We recommend that girls of 12/13 years of age receive vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus. This will reduce the risk of contracting cervical cancer. Immunisation involves a course of three injections over a period of six months and is usually administered at school. If, however, for some reason immunisation at school is missed please contact a practice nurse who will arrange for the injections to be administered.

We recommend flu vaccine, especially to those over 65 and those suffering from diabetes and chronic lung, heart or renal disease, to be given in October.

For advice on foreign travel please ring the information line at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine on 0891 172111,whenever possible eight weeks before leaving. The practice nurse will arrange necessary immunisations.

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